Our Belief

Our Belief

Buzz India was launched in March 2012 with the question ‘How do people come out of poverty?’ Indian cities offer financial resources and opportunities to its citizens to achieve their ambitions and dreams. Villages, however, are a different story. Though rich in human capital and in ingenuity, rural people lack opportunities to acquire the knowledge and skills they need to pursue their ambitions.

Take the example of 29-year-old Sujatha who worked in a garment factory. Due to long commute and long working hours, she couldn’t attend to her family and struggled to meet her work and home demands. After the Self Shakti Program she decided to start a little shop just outside her home. Now she sells bangles, clothes, stationery, snacks and has even bought a sewing machine for tailoring needs. ‘Buzz gave me the confidence I needed,’ she says, posing in front of her shop. Presently, she is independent and can take care of her kids as she earns. Buzz didn’t give her money or market access to sell her products or even raw materials to work with. We only gave her skills and the confidence to handle anything that came her way.

We believe that the biggest injustice in the world is not the lack of wealth but the lack of opportunity and choice.

"After the program, I started a business and can now take care of my children and my cows.”

Umloo village, Kolar district, Karnataka (South India)

We dream of awakening and encouraging women like Sujatha, women who have desires and aspirations but not the courage or skills to achieve them. We want to assist them to access their own power, their own abilities, their self-shakti as we would like to call it. Encourage them to think in new ways and so transform their lives. Influence them to take charge of their destiny. Become influencers and decision makers in their home, their villages and community. Collaborate with their families to achieve their aspirations of a better future for their children. All they need is a little boost, encouragement, confidence, passion and entrepreneurial energy to realize their dreams.

Which is why Self Shakti Program which we deliver through a classroom-on-wheels to women at the base of the pyramid in rural communities, is unique. Our program trains women in three aspects: financial management, business skills and leadership. After participating in the program, the participants have increased their savings, opened new microenterprises, expanded previous enterprises, and have successfully raised capital through formal financial institutions, thus reducing their dependency on private moneylenders. See how rural women have changed their lives through us.