Inspiration Fellowship

When we asked a woman what she gains from our programme, she said ‘I get spoorthi’, meaning ‘inspiration’ in Kannada. ‘Inspiration’ defined the essence of our work more than anything else. And when this word came from a woman we trained, we were overjoyed. This inspired us to name our specialized Fellowship Programme for Buzz Anchors as the Inspiration Fellowship.

The Anchor becomes a friend, a guide, a sounding board, and a go-to person for the women. She leads the behavioral change process that gets triggered by the Buzz training. Post the training, the Buzz Anchor helps the women own their change and leads the change from within the community. The Buzz Anchors have a significant role to play in bringing change to the lives of our trained women. To give the Anchors the needed support and coaching in their journey to become community leaders and problem solvers, we designed the Inspiration Fellowship Programme.

The Inspiration Fellowship prepares the Buzz Anchors for community outreach by steering their personal growth. The Fellowship helps the women realise their own potential and discover their own strength. Their personal growth then fuels their evolution as community leaders.