Self Shakti Program

Self Shakti Program

Self Shakti Program is a simple solution to all these problem. We take a mobile classroom to villages and introduce women to concepts of savings, financial planning, networking, business skills and personal development. We don’t do it like a training or a formal program, but through activities like role-play, stories and games. They hear, learn, interact, talk, discuss, think and wonder. We urge them to find solutions to their own problems with the tools we provide. We track their progress, we keep in touch and we are always ready to motivate them and cheer them on.

Our mobile academy on wheels travels into villages to deliver its leadership program to rural women.

We dream of bringing attitudinal change in rural women. A change from living day-to-day to thinking long-term, visualizing life goals, discovering their inner leader and becoming financially independent. The program address all the problem with simple solutions.


Through role-plays and games, we improve personal skills of setting goals, daily money management and teach healthy saving practices.


Keeping accounts, maintaining profit and loss statements, how to run a business, how to repay loans taken for businesses, how to market their business, we teach them everything it takes to become self-sufficient entrepreneurs.


We encourage courage, confidence, pride and belief in themselves and teach them how to negotiate with confidence and how to have constructive conversations with their family.


A mobile classroom means they can attend the training in their own village which increases accessibility and attendance.

The Self Shakti Program is short and loaded. The program is delivered in two three-hour sessions with a week’s gap in between the first and the second session. During the week, the women get time to enroll their family into the idea of better financial discipline and apply the tools they learnt in the first session so they can see a measurable impact on their finances. 90% of the women return for the second session. Our program includes modules on communication, book-keeping, daily money management, debt management, goal setting and savings and is designed to engage both the literate and the illiterate population.

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