Scale of Impact


A hundred thousand women, in India, are today empowered to bring prosperity to their homes. These are women who never thought their battle with poverty will ever end. They are today confidently turning their lives around, from poverty to prosperity.

To measure the impact that we created, we have constituted an annual survey. The survey aims to measure the effectiveness of the programme, its strengths and weaknesses, and impact on the lives of the women. We have been conducting the annual survey since 2013.

Here’s an overview of the results from our latest impact study:


  • A 115% increase in savings
  • 20% started new businesses
  • 9% of women expanded an existing enterprise
  • 95% stopped borrowing from moneylenders
  • 61% availed a new loan for assets or business (not consumption)
  • 81% of the women said they reached their set goal


The outcomes that indicate the success of our programme is:

  • Increased capital – Measured by the increase in savings and assets of the women before and after the training
  • Reduced debt and a decrease in loans for non-productive needs (Lesser debt, bad borrowing habits, freedom from money-lender trap among low-income women) – Measured by comparing pre-training and post-training data on where the women take loans from and for what purposes they take loans
  • Improved knowledge and skills in financial management and positive financial behaviour- Measured through a post-training survey on articulation of income, profits, savings, maintenance of books of accounts etc
  • Increased self-confidence of the women – Analysed in the post-training survey women with enquiries about the changes of the women as individuals
  • Increased number of entrepreneurial ventures – Measured by the number of businesses or livelihood ventures started by trained women

These metrics will give you an overview, but there’s so much more to our impact that numbers fall short of communicating. Read the stories of change from our women, they speak volumes about our impact.