Women are a powerhouse of strength. We’re just a trigger to discover that inner strength

Shrouded under various layers of limitations, is a gold mine of strength. We are here to nudge the women to discover this strength that lies within themselves. Once they do, then there’s no stopping them. Once we trigger the change, women transform their lives from poverty to prosperity, self-pity to self-confidence, from fear to courage.

Financial Literacy is a big part of what we do. But we will never give money to our women

When we visit any village to introduce our programme, the first question that we are asked is, “will you give us money?” No, we are not here to give money away. We believe that with the knowledge that we offer the women, they will find their way to not just overcome their financial problems, but also find fulfillment beyond what money can ever offer.

No readymade, airconditioned-office-room-made solutions – Solutions will come from the women

We insist that we will never offer any solution for the problems of the women. We truly believe that they have it in them to find their own solutions. Our aim is to bring the knowledge, skills, tools and opportunities to women. Once they have the right ammo, they will find the solutions for their problems. And these solutions will be sustainable than any other solution brought to them by outsiders, including us.

We are super-protective about the data that we collect from our women

The privacy of our women is paramount to us. We will never share personal and sensitive information about our women to any external entity. The data is collected only for statistical analysis of our impact and shall never be shared for any commercial or marketing purposes.