The Path to Sustainable Change

The Path to sustainable change

Buzz Women triggers a ripple effect of change in the lives of women. From getting a grip over their financial situation to finding their inner strength, our women enter a journey of self-empowerment with Buzz. Here’s how our three-year long programme eco-system supports our women in their transformation.

The process of change begins the first time the women attend our training. The program is delivered in two 3-hour sessions with a week’s gap between the first and the second session. Post the training, each batch of women choose women leaders from among themselves, who become their community anchors, our change agents. The Buzz anchors are key to our three-year long handholding programme for behavioural change and sustainability for the future.

Buzz Anchors have a challenging role. They are the role models for the other trained women. They motivate and lead from the front. We support the Buzz Anchors in their journey to become community leaders with the Inspiration Fellowship.

The work of the Buzz Anchor is also supported with regular communication from Buzz. We reach out to the women through various communication modes – Buzz Digital, newsletters, IVR messages, community meetings and more. The content of all our communication aims at supporting the women in their pursuit of prosperity.

One of the most important routes that the women chose for their prosperity is through entrepreneurship. 20% of our trained women become entrepreneurs. 9% of women expanded their existing enterprise. To support these courageous rural women entrepreneurs, we formulated a specialised mentoring programme – Buzz Business.

All these initiatives are aimed at the goal of creating empowered communities, prosperous and capable of solving their own problems.