Words of appreciation

A story from the field written by Rohini, communication and PR associate Buzz India

Whenever on field, I am always amazed by the simple yet sophisticated talent I get to meet in the villages!!
Sunitha, our Gelathi from Doddarampura of Tumkur, Karnataka welcomed us with her trademark big and hearty smile and with this fantastica, beautiful and brilliant bouquet. You may wonder, Why am I using so many adjectives for a bouquet?? Look closely, you will definitely appreciate its simplicity!! Sunitha picked up the flowers and the leaves grown around her home, arranged them according to their colors and sewed them together with a newspaper pipe using a thread. It’s beautifully arranged, quick to make and eco friendly. It took her just 3 minutes to make each bouquet and loads loads of love!! Mind Blowing!!

Our villages are full of these kinds of hidden gems, which hardly come out of their known circles and get the well deserved appreciation. So, from now on I will chronicle and post about these hidden gems whenever I am in the field and show it to the world!!!
Your likes and words of appreciation matter a lot to them and I will make sure that your likes reach back to those awesome women!!