When change is unstoppable

This is Sowbhagya | Part 1 |

Everyday women like Sowbhagya are guiding us to our next step through their life story.

Sowbhagya was a homemaker who was eager to develop herself but couldn’t get a job because of all the responsibilities she faced at home as a mother and a wife. When Buzz came to her village in 2017 she attended our Self-Shakti training. Self Shakti means finding your inner strength. One of the topics we discuss during this training is resources.

Sowbhagya realized her smart phone was one of the resources that could be of great help in her development. She already knew how to do a bit of tailoring work, but through Youtube she learned so many new designs. She started to feel more confident every day and talked to her husband about her new skill. He was very impressed and together they decided to start a tailoring business.

Women like Sowbhagya show us what is possible when women get the chance to change their lives. How the development of one person can make a difference in the family, in the community and eventually in the world at large.

This is Sowbhagya | Part 2 |

After the Self Shakti training Sowbhagya was up for more and the group chose her as an Anchor Woman, which allowed her to join the Anchor Women Fellowship program from Buzz. During this program she learnt more about being a role model and a change agent in her community.

Sowbhagya was very interested in community development and the program made her thinking about drainage cleaning. She started talking to some key persons in the community and made the cleaning work happening. Her efforts did not go unnoticed and she got invited to talk in front of 200 people at a community event. She took this opportunity and spoke about the Buzz training and about how the knowledge, skills and tools enabled her to create such great changes in her life.

The courage she spoke with was contagious and Sowbhagya got elected as president of the 52 SHG federation. A recognition she never thought would be possible for her to get. Sowbhagya said she had never been more proud of herself and highlighted the value of developing her communication skills during the Buzz trainings.

Listening to Sowbhagya’s life story and continuously following her next steps teaches us what we can do to support her journey and the journey of thousands of other women around the world.