Starting Beehives in The Netherlands!

2 Jul 2021 in Events

By buzzwomenadmin

Our first Beehive startup day

Buzz Women in The Netherlands has officially started with the coming of two new team members. As we are learning from Buzz Women India, Buzz Women Gambia and Buzz Women Georgia, it is now our goal to translate the success formula to The Netherlands. Rolling out programs focused on Cash and Confidence and setting up local Beehives. Beehives are groups of women who come together regularly to develop themselves and change the world together. 

June 19th we had an amazing morning organizing our first Beehive startup day! About 25 women and one man attended the morning session in the blooming forest of Austerlitz and we all felt the positive energy within. 

We have organized this day to encourage and support women in setting up their own Beehive and to take them for a first spin to experience the magic of Buzz Women. This day was all about inspiring people as well as learning from the attending people so that we can support the Beehives in the future journey. 

The program started with coffee and a homemade cake from our cook. Buzz Women co-founders Dave and Uthara (via an international video call) took the audience along on the Buzz Women journey. We explained about the dialogue as a crucial element of a Beehive and we also introduced the talking stick, which contributes to freedom of speech and openness within a group.

To experience the feeling of a Beehive we divided the group into 3 smaller groups and created a Beehive setting. With the help of a talking stick and a Buzz facilitator we opened the dialogue and talked openly and from the heart about our challenges, our dreams and hopes for the future. Within the safety of a group there was emotion and there was stillness, a moment of reflection and of excitement for what’s ahead. The morning ended with a delicious lunch while we found each other around the table for further connection and conversation. 

For us it was moving to see that the magic of a Beehive could be created within one morning with a group of people that had never met before. We will organize such meet ups throughout the year to inspire more women to set up their own Beehive and become part of the Buzz Women movement. 

All in all it was a wonderful spring morning! 

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