Finding space for growth in difficult times

12 Apr 2021 in Impact Story

By buzzwomenadmin

Finding space for growth in difficult times

If we keep looking for opportunities, even in times of crisis we will be able to find space for growth. Buzz Anchor Bharathi GD is the best example for this. Bharathi is a 40 year old tailor from Tumkur village, who enrolled as a Buzz Anchor in 2021.

In 2018 she underwent the Buzz Self-Shakti training in her village, where she learned about basic business skills and about the utilization of resources. As she did not get any orders during the Covid19 pandemic she had to stop her tailoring work and was hence faced with financial difficulties.

At that time the local government offered her the opportunity to start stitching masks. She did not think twice and grabbed the opportunity with both hands. She gathered 10 tailors and taught them also how to stitch masks. As a group they purchased materials and stitched 7000 masks. They even mobilized SHG’s from nearby villages and conducted awareness programs! Through this program they sold masks and gave out free ones for the people in need. Among the women they shared the profits equally.

All women were very grateful to Bharathi. She took initiative and showed leadership, which benefited not only herself but also the women around her and the community as a whole.

Bharathi believes when an opportunity comes knocking on our door, we should utilize it. Always.