A Buzz Trained Women

12 Apr 2021 in Impact Story

By buzzwomenadmin

A Buzz trained woman sharing advice for fellow women

My name is Jankey Jammeh I had my training with Buzz Women Gambia about two years ago, from this training i have earned a lot of management skills. Because then i couldn’t even start a shop of my own.

But now am building one it isn’t complete yet but it is halfway through. Unlike before I just pull notes and spend, now I make budgets for everything, I will not spend outside my budget, I make sure it doesn’t affect my business.

This helped me a lot made me able to support my husband in spending. And that’s my advice to all women because if you should depend on your husband for everything there are times when he can’t… or u will have to wait for the availability of funds for him to support, especially if you have got elderly parents to support too, but with some cash in hand you will be able to support yourself without asking or waiting for him, Makes things easy on the Family.

I will not switch my business for anything even if I was offered a job from the government .am making enough to look after my- self, my children and supportive to my husband.