When Five of Our Trained-Women Got Together to Run a Business

12 Feb 2019 in Impact Story

By buzzwomenadmin

There’s something really endearing about the women we meet during our training. When they learn something new, they want to share. They want other women like them to come up in life. Aruna Kumari, who was a simple homemaker, is today employing four other women.

For Aruna, a homemaker, the Buzz training came as a nudge to make more of her life. Her life revolved around her home and she never worked or earned any money by herself until the age of 45. Now, after the Buzz training, it was impossible for her to go back and live the same old life. The training triggered a desire in her to do something on her own and also, she wanted to take along other women in her new journey.

She went back home thought of different ideas and zeroed on the idea of ‘Chappathi making’. This could be done in her own home and did not require any big investment. She shared the idea with four other women, who were also her batchmates at the Buzz training. Since they all shared a common inspiration to bring a new start to their lives, the idea was sure to be realized.

Soon, Aruna’s house became enlivened with the bustling activity of Chapathi making. They have regular orders from nearby hotels that they need to fulfill every day. They are making efforts to market their business and get more orders too.

For us, it’s lovely to know that five of our trained women have taken charge of bringing change to their lives. We wish that their business finds great success.