Covid-19 Update Buzz Women in India

2 Jul 2021 in News

By buzzwomenadmin

When the pandemic hit last year in 2020 there was a lot of panic even among the team within Buzz Women in India since we were caught unawares and struggled to come to terms with the new ways of working. Since the unlock we started going into the villages and serving the communities as before with all COVID precaution protocols followed. Jan-Apr 2021 we were able to reach 20707 women in 723 villages through our Self-shakti (2 days) intervention. Our community anchor facilitators motivated 366 community anchors (Gelathis in Kannada) to attend the Inspiration Fellowship. The facilitators also triggered 103 Beehives (community of women) in the villages. 


When the lockdown was announced at the end of April 2021, we were less panicked since we knew we had to let go of what was not in our control. We spoke to the District Health department, who asked us to not be involved in any activities lest our team gets infected and stresses out the already stressed medical system. We went back into hibernation mode. Community anchor facilitators called the Gelathis/community anchors to ask about their well being, about the number of infected people in their villages, to bust the myths of vaccination and encourage them to get vaccinated when available. The trainers got into the process of making sure that our newly developed app had captured the correct data that they had entered in the first quarter of the year. We all got busy with making sure our documentation, data management and processes are cleaned up. The team also got some capacity building sessions around english speaking and managing their stress and grief. 


As a team we are grateful for the privileges we have and striving to become a world class team to serve the women given the circumstances we are in. We are planning to work overtime during the next few months of unlock given the understanding that there might be a third wave in a few months. We have accepted this reality and are planning our work targets rather than cribbing about it and fighting it in our minds and through our words. Feels like a better way to live being in sync with reality. 


The heartwarming thing was the love we felt from the women, when all of them welcomed us back into the community after a period of lockdown. It confirmed the fact that the connection with the ground is incredibly strong and that the trust we’ve built overtime is one of our biggest accomplishments. From a survey we did, we found out that 96% of Anchor Women till this day continue to be engaged with Buzz. And they even introduce friends to take up their role as Anchor Women when they can not continue doing this themselves.