Changing Habits and Learning New Skills

12 Apr 2021 in Impact Story

By buzzwomenadmin

Changing habits and learning new skills

I am Awa Cham, I have been trained by Buzz Women Gambia an year ago .it has brought me a lot of benefits and development, how I use to mismanage money back then and now is quite different.

In business every month am sav- ing 3000 thousand dalasi in our women association contribution I earn another 3000 every month , this contribution lasts for 3 months earning me a total of 9000 every 3months , From that 9000 I will take bits, to reinvest in my business. Before what I had in my bank account and what I have now is different and I am happy with my savings there is money in my bank, I won’t say is enough money but I thank god, whatever I need I can buy it for myself I wouldn’t ask for loan from anybody to sort out my needs.

I do not waste money on events anymore, I do not buy expensive cloths too, it even got to a point my fellow village woman think am stingy, but am bene- fitting from this knowledge. Furthermore, it inspired me to learn new skills as you can see am in Kura’s Garden Learning Agro food Processing to diversify my sources of income.