Behaviour Change by Buzz Green

18 Oct 2021 in Impact Story

By buzzwomenadmin

Certain behaviours, lifestyle and habits are always hard to forgo, even in the families that have educated and well earning members. This is the story that talks about behaviour change brought in by Buzz Green training in a family to use water sustainably and responsibly. 

Jayalakshmamma from Bittanakurike village Tumakuru, is a teacher and her husband is an Advocate. Her family has been into agriculture and has a good income to secure the future of her 2 children. Being educated herself, Jayalakshmamma says that though she knew about the habits that harms the environment and in turn her surroundings and people too. she was not correcting them due to the lifestyle that was woven around those habits. These habits were very hard to give up, to both Jayalakshmamma and her family.

Post attending Buzz Green, she realized the wastage of water through the water filter and decided to make best use of it. She, along with her children started a kitchen garden which was fed through the water from the filter and today she is growing fresh vegetables and bananas that serves her family’s food needs, is cutting down the expenses on buying vegetables, the whole family is giving attention to the usage of water and using the water responsibly. Jayalakshmamma says that Buzz Green created the awareness of responsible use of water, which is the most underrated natural resource. She proudly says that through Buzz Green she is able to show her children the right usage of water, plant and save trees for a green future.