The Beginning – Year 2012

Dave Jongeneelen, Founder of Better Future in the Netherlands, an organization that delivered leadership programmes for companies, was mulling over this question of “How can we deliver leadership programs to people who have no access to them?”

Suresh Krishna, ex-Managing Director of Grameen Koota Financial Services, a pioneer in the microfinance industry in India, was wondering what can his organization do to make women more entreprenurial and start new enterprises with the money they loan as micro credit..

Uthara Narayanan, a social worker with a strong finance background, was looking for answers as to the question ‘How do people lift themselves out of poverty?’

Events unfolded such intricate ways and brought these three people together, that you would start believing in serendipity. They brainstormed their ideas and their visions found resonance with each other. The essence of it all took the shape of Buzz, which was founded in Bangalore, India, in 2012.